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We are new at making charm bracelets out of flowers and have found this company to be very personal and reasonable priced. Thank you so much for...


Stacee Rohn
Memory Beads



Looking for a supplier of wholesale beads? Will a company with a rock-solid industry reputation that’s been in business since 1973 suffice? If yes, then consider Watchus.

They are both a manufacturer and supplier of wholesale beads, watch faces, charms, and jewelry supplies. Their commitment to producing and supplying high quality products at extremely competitive prices has earned them a loyal customer base throughout the world.

Types of Beads Available

  • silver beads
  • pewter beads
  • bali beads
  • sports beads
  • letter beads
  • theme beads
  • charm clips

Along with already everyday low prices, they also offer many of their products and supplies at sale prices. By working with Watchus and taking advantage of their huge inventory of watch face, charm, jewelry, and bead supplies; you can eliminate the frustrations and hassles of dealing with multiple suppliers… they’ve got just about everything you need under one-roof!

Watchus ships their bead, watch, and jewelry products all over the world and provides discounts on volume orders. And if you can’t find the wholesale bead supplies you’re looking for, give them a call and they’ll be delighted to assist you with your search.

To get more information about wholesale beads and other jewelry, charm, watch face, and bead supplies please
call 800-492-8248 or send an email to