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We are new at making charm bracelets out of flowers and have found this company to be very personal and reasonable priced. Thank you so much for...


Stacee Rohn
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Silver Charms...All Charms Are Sterling Silver Plated

Silver Charms
There's just something about silver charms that you have to love. Silver is a metal that tends to match with everything, making it easy to get dressed and to have killer accessories without even having to think twice about what you're putting on. Silver charms are also ideal because they're difficult to abuse, making them perfect for crafting. It doesn't matter whether you're wearing silver charms as a piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or a bracelet, or if you're using them for your project, they're ideal for so many different uses. WatchUs offers quality plated sterling silver charms in a wide variety of themes. Find something for you or a friend today.


White Epoxy Sterling Plated Star Charm
C909S-93 White White Epoxy Sterling Plated Star Charm
Item Number : C909S-93 White
Weight : 2.3 g
Length : .5 in / 12.7 mm
Width : .75 in / 19.05 mm
Dimension : 2D
Color : Silver
Finish : Sterling Silver Plated
Material : Pewter
Origin : USA
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Description : This is a beautiful, 2 dimensional, five pointed star charm with a bright white epoxy color in the center. Sterling Silver Plated. This charm is the perfect white for an Americana theme when combin...
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Quantity 2-5 6-11 12-23 24-143 144-
Price $4.50 $4.25 $4.00 $3.75 $3.50
W:.5 in/12.7 mm x H:.75 in/19.05 mm  |  2.3 g |  Min 2  | Mult. 2 - 2 - 2 |  Qty pricing
Quantity 6-11 12-23 24-47 48-143 144-287 288-575 576-1007 1008-
Price $4.00 $3.50 $3.25 $3.00 $2.75 $2.50 $2.25 $2.00
W:.5 in/12.7 mm x H:.75 in/19.05 mm  |  2.3 g |  Min 6  | Mult. 6 - 6 - 6 |  Group pricing

So what should you look for when you're looking for silver charms? The first thing you should find is something in your price range. Unfortunately silver can be very expensive, which is why many people who are looking for silver charms look, instead, for pewter silver charms. These charms look and feel exactly like solid silver charms, only they're much less expensive. Instead of having to pay for pure silver, you pay for pewter that is plated in sterling silver. At the silver is then given an antiquing in order to make them look exactly like they're made entirely out of real silver. Anyone who looks at our silver charms won't know that they weren't extremely expensive to purchase.And in order to keep your silver charms safe no matter what type of project you're using them for, we also make sure that we cover them with a lacquer. This water based coat of lacquer keeps your charm safe and makes it possible for it to stand the test of time. This way you'll know, for sure, that no matter what type of project you're using your silver charms for, you'll be able to rest comfortably knowing that they'll last for as long as you need them to last for.

Both antique and contemporary styles are available in this expansive selection. The antique finish that is applied to each charm will give it the look of a cherished heirloom or a lucky estate sale find. Those with contemporary styling embody the latest fashion trends, from quirky corseted charms to the angel charms that have been gracing this season's designer collections.

The prices are not the only thing that is affordable about these charms. Watchus offers quick and inexpensive shipping to the United States and anywhere in the world. From our location in Derby, Connecticut, our sales representatives are available to help you select the perfect pieces to show off your personal style.'s Silver Charms are a complete selection of silver charms for Jewelry Making, Shop Hops, Charm Trails, Manufacturers, hobbyists your arts and crafts project. Watchus silver charms LOOK and FEEL like Sterling Silver Charms. That is because All of Silver Charms are Sterling Silver Plated. Our Sterling Plated Silver Charms re Antiqued and then a water based clear coat lacquer is applied so Watchus's charms will never tarnish.

Watchus offers Over 60 Categories of Silver Charms. From Angel Silver charms, Baby Silver Charms to Twilight Silver Charms. We have mant styles of Silver Bracelets, Silver Necklaces, Silver Jump Rings and Silver Charm Clips the will make assembling your Silver Charm Jewelry a joy!